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The strength of Morton is the spirit of her people.
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The City of Morton would like to welcome you to our website.

Where else is there a city or town like Morton, where the traditional values of family unity and hard work extend from the backyard to the baseball field, from the classroom to the assembly line?

The strength of Morton is the spirit of her people. The same spirit that founded the town, that endured undaunted hard times, is still alive today. These people want their community to grow. They recognize that industry is the backbone of the town, and they are willing to provide the muscle.

Morton is a small city; it has the advantages of all small cities in America: low crime rate, cohesive community relationships, support of the family unit. But, because of its proximity to urban life, its citizens have the unique opportunity of experiencing the best of both urban as well as small town life.

Morton is a great place to live. With genuine people and open space, it is easy to relax here after a day’s work. The pace is unhurried, and “stress” is not a way of life. Teamwork is the norm here whether on the athletic field, at the workplace, or in community activities. The City of Morton is “good people promoting a great community.”

The City of Morton in recent years has seen tremendous commercial growth in the city limits along Highway 13 near Interstate 20. This is an area where businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, hotels/motels, and industries have the opportunity to see great success.

City Hall
97 West First Avenue

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 555
Morton, MS 39117-0555

tel: (601) 732 - 6252
fax: (601) 732 - 7188