The City Clerk is appointed by the Board of Aldermen to perform the following duties:

  • Keep the official minutes and seal. Sec. 21-15-17 : (SEC. 21-3-3)
  • Keep the municipal docket (agenda). Sec. 21-15-19
  • Keep ordinance record book Sec. 21-13-13
  • Municipal Auditor: Keeps the accounting records. Sec. 21-15-21
  • Receipt all money. Sec. 21-15-21
  • Keeps budget records. Sec. 21-35-11
  • Make monthly budget report to board. Sec. 21-35-13
  • Keep money (when no depository). Sec. 21-39-19
  • Keep accounting records and record of claims. Sec. 21-39-5
  • Keeps claims docket. Sec. 21-39-7
  • Keep credit card records Sec. 21-39-27
  • Prepares and attest to warrants (checks). Sec. 21-39-13
  • Administer oaths. Sec. 11-1-1
  • Serve as Municipal Court Clerk (if on not appointed). Sec. 21-23-11
  • Serve as election registrar (including county). Sec. 23-15-35/223
  • Give notice of special elections. Sec. 23-15-857/859
  • (As Tax Collector) Collect taxes. Sec. 21-33-53
  • (As Tax Collector) Refund taxes. Sec. 27-73-7
  • All other statutory duties (not listed).

The varied responsibilities are set forth in detail within the Mississippi Code of 1972.

Morton’s City Hall consists of the City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk, and Water Clerk. Business conducted at City Hall includes collection of City taxes, water, sewer and garbage bills. Business permits and business licenses are obtained at the City Hall.  Election/Voter records, city employee personnel files and all other services related to the administration of government are kept at City Hall.

Tara Yates
City Clerk

City Hall
97 West First Avenue
PO Box 555
Morton MS 39117-0555
Phone: 601-732-6252
Fax: 601-732-7188