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Farris Municipal ParkThe City of Morton’s Recreation Department sponsors nearly every kind of team sport for all levels of our youth. Sports activities are: Tee Ball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball and Soccer.

City league sports are played for the most part at Farris Municipal Park. Basketball and Football activities are played at Morton Public Schools’ facilities. Most families in town participate in the city league sports program. A large percentage of our youth play during any given season. With year-round league sports, all this enthusiasm and training pay off because all of our high school’s sports programs are very successful year in and year out.

The City of Morton’s Recreation Department sponsors the annual “Day In The Park” which is held at Farris Municipal Park the first Saturday in May. The day’s activities include ballgames, arts and crafts, carnival games and entertainment from local and national acts.

The City of Morton’s Recreation Department is headed by a Director with Parks/Recreation Commissioners. The department employs one full time person.

There is a playground at the park for children ages 12 and under. There is a one-quarter mile walking track. Also located at the park is a 3600 sq. ft. activities center that can be rented for special occasions and functions.
Michael Hines
Parks and Recreation Director

Phone: 601-732-8609

ParksParks and Recreation Commissioners

Ken Gordon
Andre Hollis
Jarvis Adams
Jimmy Steadman
Teresa Lathem
Jimmy Brown

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