Board of Aldermen

The governing body of the city consists of the Mayor and a five-member Board of Aldermen. Members of the Board are elected from separate wards. The Mayor and members of the Board of Aldermen are elected for concurrent four-year terms.

The Board of Aldermen meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm, in City Hall at 97 West First Avenue.

City HallThe Aldermen/Alderwomen are:

Ward 1 – Marie Washington

Ward 2 – Al Reeves

Ward 3 – Fred Johnson

Ward 4 – Oneida Hollis Laster

Ward 5 – Jimmy Brown

Contact Information:

City Hall
97 West First Avenue
PO Box 555
Morton MS 39117-0555
Phone: 601-732-6252
Fax: 601-732-7188